On the right side of the Web trader, we present the section Trade Insights, which offers you investment news and instant positions on the market. Thus, you can take these details into consideration when taking your positions.

Clicking the calendar icon on the left will give you the opportunity to view the economic calendar. With the economic calendar during the day or in the coming days, you can gain insight for the important developments in the market and you can follow them.

With "Trading Central" at the top, you can access forex signals so that you can direct your investments with signals prepared by professional experts. With the agreement we have made with Trading Central, which provides signal and analysis services to investors trading in the Forex market, we aim to provide insight into our investors' investments.

With the award icon, that is on the bottom and also on each investment tool, you can see how much you will earn on each investment. "Cashback", which increases proportional to your investments and are the prizes you get, are collected at the bottom left and you can instantly transfer your prize to your account when you have completed the required steps. In order to see the "cashback" or prize that is increased in proportion to your investments, you just have to look at the amount next to the prize icon on your investment tool.