Due to the increasing technological developments day by day, smart phones or tablets have become the most important part of our lives. We also offer our mobile and tablet applications to facilitate the steps of our investors in the investment world.

All the options available on Web trader are also offered to our customers through our mobile applications. Thus, you can follow the market with Trade Insights instantly, make investments, give direction to your investments or reach the signals at any minute. With this option that gives you mobility, you can perform all the investment transactions you want rapidly. So, you can review opportunities more quickly and multiply your earnings.

In both our web trader and mobile applications, you can open transactions on all the products on the platform and you can follow the movements in the investment instruments through real time graphs. You can also make deposit or withdrawal.

You can download our iPhone app by searching from iTunes or you can easily download it by clicking here. For our Android app, you can search on Play Store or download it directly by clicking here.