As Forex investments are open to everyone, whether experienced or inexperienced, the interest in training sessions is increasing day by day. As ITMFX, we are trying to do our best to spread Forex trainings, which are very important for the people who are new to the investment world, and to enable investors to take more conscious steps. With the live training sessions made by our experts, we aim to evaluate the market developments and take positions accordingly and also to show how to make progress in terms of profit or loss. Afterwards, we share the videos with our participants so that they can check the details and tips they have learned during the trainings.

Our online courses are not only present for newcomers to the forex world. We also offer our trainings for those who want to increase their investment options in different investment tools. Thus, we aim to provide the necessary experience to our investors by ensuring that forex training is a service that can be utilized by all our investors. With these trainings, you not only learn forex trading but also learn to analyze and read the market correctly. In order to be regularly informed about our live trainings, please register to our e-mail or SMS list or send a message to the Customer Support Line regarding your request.